Chicago Botanic Garden

“The massed Michaelmas daisies and goldenrod, the dahlias and chrysanthemums, purple and scarlet and gold, seemed to burn with deeper and deeper passion as one looked at them, and the lawn after the morning’s rain wore a green so vivid that one caught one’s breath.” -Elizabeth Goudge, Green Dolphin Street


All Time Past

For we have every one of us felt how a very few minutes of the months and years called life, will sometimes suffice to place all time past and future in an entirely new light; will make us see the vanity or the criminality of the by-gone, and so change the aspect of the coming … Continue reading All Time Past

Ode to those Nights We Spent by the Fire

Blistering with grey cracked stones in the back of my head, I stuck my hand in the fire. The glow was too precious not to have scarred on my soft skin. Remembering the warmth is the only option. The fire will cool and so will the stinging sparks but maybe that striped mark will stay. I … Continue reading Ode to those Nights We Spent by the Fire

Chiara Scuro

One of my favorite quotes (although that’s not saying much because I love so many quotes) is from Harry Potter 5, where Harry is talking to his godfather and friend Sirius Black. In the scene, Harry is questioning the goodness within him. Sirius reassures him by saying, "Harry, now I want you to listen to … Continue reading Chiara Scuro

Into the Clouds

As the end of my semester abroad is slowly approaching, I have found myself dwelling more and more on what this past summer and my time in Orvieto has meant to me. I’ve been reflecting on the work that the Lord has been doing in my life over the past 6 months, and marveling at … Continue reading Into the Clouds

By Memory

Here's a poem I memorized for my Ekphrastic poetry class that I am currently in. Enjoy reading and delving in to the heart of this poem. A Quoi Bon Dire by Charlotte Mew Seventeen years ago you said something that sounded like Good-bye; And everyone thinks that you are dead, But I. So I, as … Continue reading By Memory

Painting Essences

Not many things are as difficult or intimidating as being given the task of painting or drawing someone. A few weeks ago, my whole group was told that we were going to be paired up with one other person to paint portraits of to fill the empty frames that are in our living area. We … Continue reading Painting Essences

My Heart Is

I wrote this while sitting in St. Peter’s Basilica, a massive cathedral constructed under the supervision of several Popes, and meditating on the beauty surrounding me along with how my relationship with the Lord related to it. As you read on, know that this journal entry not only describes the love that God has for me, but … Continue reading My Heart Is

Getting to Know Orvieto

(I apologize for the lack of editing or potential errors... There are ten minutes left of wifi so I have to hurry.) I was sitting by the Duomo today reading a book for class with swarms of tourists surrounding me when I realized that I felt more comfortable and at home amidst them than I … Continue reading Getting to Know Orvieto