Chicago Botanic Garden

“The massed Michaelmas daisies and goldenrod, the dahlias and chrysanthemums, purple and scarlet and gold, seemed to burn with deeper and deeper passion as one looked at them, and the lawn after the morning’s rain wore a green so vivid that one caught one’s breath.” -Elizabeth Goudge, Green Dolphin Street


(no title)

“Though you did not realize it, the new self was growing as a child in the womb during the time of chaos; destruction and construction go always hand in hand, the one the price that is paid for the other; they will go on through your whole life; for until you die, sin and judgment … Continue reading (no title)

All Time Past

For we have every one of us felt how a very few minutes of the months and years called life, will sometimes suffice to place all time past and future in an entirely new light; will make us see the vanity or the criminality of the by-gone, and so change the aspect of the coming … Continue reading All Time Past

Chiara Scuro

One of my favorite quotes (although that’s not saying much because I love so many quotes) is from Harry Potter 5, where Harry is talking to his godfather and friend Sirius Black. In the scene, Harry is questioning the goodness within him. Sirius reassures him by saying, "Harry, now I want you to listen to … Continue reading Chiara Scuro

By Memory

Here's a poem I memorized for my Ekphrastic poetry class that I am currently in. Enjoy reading and delving in to the heart of this poem. A Quoi Bon Dire by Charlotte Mew Seventeen years ago you said something that sounded like Good-bye; And everyone thinks that you are dead, But I. So I, as … Continue reading By Memory

Finding Home

“The more one was lost in unfamiliar quarters of distant cities, the more one understood the other cities he had crossed to arrive there… he came to know the port from which he had set sail, and the familiar places of his youth, and the surroundings of home.” “Arriving at each new city, the traveler … Continue reading Finding Home